Why the Name

When I was still living at home, I use to take long drives on occasion. It was nice to get out of daily routine, clear my head and spend some real time with God that wasn’t squished between cleaning my teeth and falling asleep. In suburbia it was hard to find places with wide open spaces so I went looking for them. I was surprised to find only a few minutes away from modern houses and main highways was a dirt road. It was the name that originally got my attention.

Taking that impulsive turn and driving down the road was like entering another world. It was like jumping off the treadmill of life to remember what’s really important.

After that day I went back there often. I’d sit in my car and have long chats with God. It was just an old dirt road but it will always hold a place in my memories not for what it was but for what it became to me. It was called The Water Lane.

That is what go me thinking about the detours and all the different kinds of roads in life. At the time they seem so rough and insignificant but as I reflect I realise they are the experiences and moments to be most valued.


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