Why The Blog

My Grandad was an amazing writer. I have always been inspired by the way he journaled and recorded his thoughts. When I was ten years old my Mum bought me my first journal and it’s something I’ve been doing ever since. I’ve often heard that I’m very like my Grandad in my writing which I think is the most wonderful compliment. So every time I write, I feel I am honouring his memory and passing on good things to the next generation.

I always hoped that one day I might make my writings public in some way. Whether that meant writing a book or starting blog… one day.

Then all my tomorrows came crashing in around me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 7th of November 2012.

For what it could have been, I have a very positive report. The cancer was caught early. But that did not exclude me from the long road of surgery, chemo, radiation and more. At the moment I am less than halfway through the journey. The times I have decided to ‘Google’, I have been horrified with the things I’ve read. So much so, that I have banned Googling anything about treatments in future. It gave me such a sadness that the stories of encouragement and ultimately, hope, are so hard to find. So that is why I decided to write. Not only about cancer survival but for all The Water Lanes we find ourselves on in this life.


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